ISO 9001 Quality management systems
(ISO 9001 provides you with a business performance monitoring and improvement tool in any chosen area. Currently it is used by 1,000,000 organisations globally.)

ISO 9001 is the fundamental and the world’s most widely used management system standard prescribing requirements for implementation and maintenance of the quality management system, and it is applicable to all types of organisations (profit/non-profit, production/service providing, small/medium/large-sized).

The implementation of the ISO 9001 standard is a market need and requirement, as well as a proof of companies’ awareness of the need to aspire to increased quality as a prerequisite for successful business activities.
The basic ISO 9001 idea is that all conditions/processes of products production are controlled in contrast to quality control that controls only an individual process and product.

Motivators for ISO 9001 implementation:
  • potential requirement of a customer/client
  • potential requirement of the Public Procurement Act
  • competition often holds ISO certificates
  • defining and improving the existing work organisation
  • establishing clearly defined system of responsibilities and authorities
  • increasing client, employee and public trust and satisfaction
  • it is a powerful marketing and business management tool
  • ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality improvement tool